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Booking Photos for attorney Slate, Slate’s father Geoffrey Johnson and Slate’s mother Theresa Johnson for Domestic Violence, DUI, Resisting Arrest, Criminal Stalking, and Dealing Methamphetamines (Source: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Sheriff’s office/ Madison County Florida Sheriff’s, Broward County Sheriff office.


From 2009 until 2017, a serial criminal terrified citizens across the District of Columbia and Baltimore, primarily throughout stalking, and computer crimes, including forgery, hacking, and identity theft. More frightening, the same deranged serial criminal was admitted as an attorney to the Maryland Bar. Attorney Gregory Slate was licensed to practice law by the state of Maryland in 2014, though he had an extensive criminal stalking and mental health record.

Over several years, Attorney Slate maneuvered in the DC and Baltimore courts, orchestrating a series of frauds, and insurance scams involving his parents, and younger brother Jonathan Johnson. By 2012, attorney Slate had amassed 43 civil cases as a pro se litigant and 33 criminal cases against him including criminal stalking, and witness intimidation.

While on probation and working as a police informant, attorney Gregory Slate used the D.C domestic violence court to frame witnesses testifying against him in a fraudulent copyright lawsuit he filed against ABC News in 2009. Attorney Slate hacked into the email accounts of opposing ABC witnesses to plant evidence and frame witnesses ahead of their scheduled testimony.

Attorney Slate then used University of the District of Columbia and University of Maryland law school computers to forge evidence exhibits he later presented in court. Attorney Slate was on probation for a felony hit-and-run accident when he enlisted the support of two prosecutors working in the Attorney General’s domestic violence unit, to assist him in his fraud.

In obsequious deference to the prosecutors assisting Slate, the D.C. Office of Bar Counsel received reports about Slate’s fraud in July 2011 but refused to question domestic violence attorneys. An innocent woman was murdered, in part, because A.G Irvin B. Nathan and Bar Counsel Wallace Gene Shipp ignored warnings that Slate’s fraud on the domestic violence unit would result in a woman’s death. Bar Counsel allowed Slate’s fraud to run its course. Alecia Wheeler was murdered a few weeks after the fourth warning. Three years later Slate went on to become a lawyer.

The opinions and evidence attorney Slate withheld from his Maryland bar admission application

McClatchy News

From the Blog Lawprofessors.Typepad.com

He had disclosed

In his bar application, Slate disclosed that he had been involved in thirty-three criminal cases, and had been a party to forty-three civil cases, including the ABC Case. Slate disclosed the ABC Case’s name, the filing date, the court’s name and address, the date of trial, and the date of disposition. Next to “Disposition[,]” Slate wrote: “Dismissed pending appeal in the United States Court of Appeals for District of Columbia Circuit[.]” Slate responded “No” to the question “Are you [the] subject of any continuing court order?” Slate also responded “No” to the question “Was the judgment entered against you?” Slate responded “No” to Question 11(b), which stated: “Have any judgments ever been entered against you?” Slate also responded “No” to Question 11(c), which stated: “I have attached to this Application certified copies of all judgments listed in 11(b), whether satisfied or unsatisfied, and listed below the names and present addresses (with zip codes) of the holders.”

The problem was reported by an attorney who discovered the adverse opinions on a web page set up by a former business associate of Slate who became an enemy.

Within a year, a Maryland lawyer became aware of the trial court’s opinions, and filed a complaint against Slate with Bar Counsel. Subsequently, Bar Counsel requested from Slate a response to the complaint. In a written response, Slate stated that he had disclosed all required information during the bar application process.

He sought to blame an Assistant Dean at his law school and the Secretary to the State Board of Law Examiners for his non-disclosure

At the disciplinary hearing, Slate testified that Shipley, Diamond, and various other individuals advised him not to disclose the Opinions in his bar application. Slate blamed these individuals for his failure to disclose the Opinions in his bar application. The hearing judge found: “Perhaps the individuals did, in fact, navigate [Slate] toward nondisclosure on his bar application; nevertheless, [Slate]’s attempt to shift the blame does not absolve him of his responsibility to prove his character to practice law, and to do so without knowingly omitting material facts[.]” (Citations omitted).


At oral argument, when asked about the appropriate sanction, Slate responded that “this is an all-or-nothing scenario.” We agree. “[A]bsent compelling extenuating circumstances, disbarment is ordinarily the sanction for intentional dishonest conduct[.]” Attorney Grievance Comm’n v. Mahone, 451 Md. 25, 46, 150 A.3d 870, 883 (2016) (cleaned up). Here, Slate does not contend that there are any compelling extenuating circumstances. Upon our independent review, the hearing judge’s opinion is devoid of any facts that could possibly constitute compelling extenuating circumstances.

Oral argument linked here. (Mike Frisch)

The official court record is available on the Maryland Court of Appeals website.

Courthouse News

Emmy Award Winning Journalist?

Attorney Slate posing with a fake Emmy award.
Attorney Slate has never written, published, or produced anything. He has used the phony award for years to gain the confidence of his clients and unwitting fraud targets. Courthouse News describes how Slate used the fake Emmy award in his litigation with ABC News.

Attorney Slate’s 2012 Probation Report describes a 4 month long crime spree by attorney Slate. His pattern of conduct today is the same.

Probation Report Written by Maryland Probation Officer T. Gilmore

In the winter of 2010, like the character “Joseph Ismay”, University of Baltimore law student Gregory Slate appeared in line with women seeking help at the D.C. Attorney General’s domestic violence office. Attorney Slate pretended to be a domestic violence victim to gain free legal support according to ABC News legal filings. Slate was using the domestic violence unit to charge opposing witnesses with crimes he repeatedly fabricated. Prosecutors were aware of Slate’s record but chose to help him over legitimate victims. A mother of four (a real domestic violence victim) was murdered after being denied legal assistance while attorney Slate misused the resources of the D.C. Domestic Violence unit.

Judge Stuart Nash improperly denied Alecia Wheeler a restraining order. In the same timeframe Judge Nash also allowed Gregory Slate to testify falsely. Judge Nash now works for Holland and Knight, one the most prestigious law firms in the country.

In 2011, the chief of the domestic violence unit, Janese Bechtol, and her most senior prosecutor, Assistant Attorney General Sarah Connell, were representing attorney Gregory Slate as a stalking victim. Eight months into their legal representation of Slate, Alecia Wheeler was murdered. Alecia Wheeler was stabbed to death by her estranged husband Claude Kinney while attempting to litigate her domestic violence case on her own without the assistance of a domestic violence lawyer. A warning that a woman might be harmed due to the improper diversion of resources to attorney Slate was received by Atty. Gen. Irvin B Nathan 2 weeks before Alicia Wheeler was murdered. Gail Stern, one of Bechtol’s supervisors forwarded the warning to Bechtol and Connell. The warning was ignored. Alecia Wheeler was stabbed multiple times by her husband while picking her children up from school. It was a premeditated ambush planned by her husband after Alecia Wheeler appeared in court representing herself without a domestic violence lawyer. Wheeler was denied a permanent restraining order by Judge Stuart Nash.

DC Office of Bar Counsel ignores “clear and convincing” evidence of misconduct

July 2011, I reported a complaint to the D.C. Office of Bar Counsel. Two prosecutors employed by the office of the Atty. Gen. of the District of Columbia were using their office to retaliate after I reported a complaint. I had complained that the prosecutors were exploiting claims by attorney Gregory Slate that they knew to be false. Attorney Slate was engaged in a criminal fraud against ABC News. Slate was testifying falsely about his employment. Prosecutors had Slate’s perjured testimony and the proof that it was false before allowing Slate to testify falsely in their presence that he “never worked for The Police Complaint Center.” Attorney Slate used motions filed by the prosecutors to attack his legal opponents and to remove evidence proving his employment from the Internet. Slate alleged that he was being stalked.

Prosecutors repeatedly filed criminal charges against my wife solely on Slate’s word. We could not understand why they were helping Slate until we saw their emails. Email records show that Slate was steering the prosecution towards court orders that would advance his fraud against his legal opponent, ABC News. The prosecutor’s emails demonstrate that Slate was in full control of the prosecution.

When we requested the prosecutor’s emails we learned they had been scrubbed by prosecutors before they were produced. We confronted the D.C. Attorney General’s office with the emails we already had through a second source. In response, the A.G. released a new version of previously scrubbed emails showing that prosecutors were also engaged in racist jokes and inappropriate humor.

Bar Counsel Wallace Gene Shipp was amongst the first public officials to be made aware of Slate’s courtroom misconduct. Shipp took no administrative action after being notified. Instead, he verbally admonished the 2 lawyers helping attorney Slate. Wallace Shipp is responsible for what Slate did next. Prosecutors continued helping Slate for four years as he forged documents and repeatedly committed perjury in federal court under their legal representation. Slate also terrorized and threatened more than a dozen victims and witnesses testifying against Slate throughout D.C. and Baltimore courtrooms. Attorney Slate went on a crime spree in the local D.C. courts between 2009 and 2014 as chronicled on this webpage.

The content on this page includes clear and convincing evidence that prosecutors were fully aware that attorney Slate was committing crimes under their legal representation. The evidence also strongly suggests that the D.C. Office of Bar Counsel repeatedly ignored evidence proving misconduct by prosecutors; and, by doing so, granted a pass to attorney Slate to abuse the the D.C. and Baltimore court systems for 5 years. Bar Counsel Wallace Shipp refused to intercede against Attorney Slate to avoid punishing the 2 prosecutors who were assisting Slate, as he executed a fraud directed against a federal court. Attorney Slate’s disbarment, 8 years after his crimes began, exposes the Office of Bar Counsel as a failed institution. The D.C. Bar Counsel does not provide credible oversight. In the District of Columbia prosecutors operate above the law and without any professional regulation.

ABC News Legal filing in the possession of prosecutors before they appeared in court representing Attorney Greg Slate as a domestic violence victim. Slate used the domestic violence court and its officers as weapons against defense witnesses in an abuse of process and witness intimidation scheme. Case 1:09-cv-01761-BAH-DAR.

“Prosecutors and their advocates say complete and absolute immunity from civil liability is critical to the performance of their jobs. They argue that self-regulation and professional sanctions from state bar associations are sufficient to deter misconduct. Yet there’s little evidence that state bar associations are doing anything to police prosecutors, and numerous studies have shown that those who misbehave are rarely if ever professionally disciplined.”
Huffington Post

The Untouchables: America’s Misbehaving Prosecutors and The System That Protects Them-Huffington Post

Divorce Corp-Misconduct in Family Courts

Who punishes a prosecutor? In Utah, probably no one – The Salt Lake Tribune

“Splitsville A Land of Diabolical Lawyers” NY Times Movie Review-Divorce Corp

10 tactics by Bar Counsel we experienced during the investigation of our complaint.

  1. The Bar Counsel stalls the victims by sending them on useless errands.
  2. The Bar Counsel makes bad faith promises of a complete and impartial investigation.
  3. The Bar Counsel offers to have false charges vacated even if it’s not within their power.
  4. The Bar Counsel does not interview any witnesses.
  5. The Bar Counsel rejects all emails or other digital forensic evidence proving misconduct.
  6. The Bar Counsel buries evidence and avoids commenting on evidence proving rules of professional conduct violations.
  7. The Bar Counsel does not ask the accused prosecutors anything relevant about the case that might expose misconduct.
  8. The Bar Counsel does not question inconsistencies in the accused lawyers responses.
  9. The Bar Counsel obfuscates and refuses to answer reasonable questions about how they reached conclusions contradicted by facts.
  10. The Board on Professional Responsibility is a rubberstamp. They will accept anything Bar Counsel tells them.

Perjured Testimony by Attorney Slate in the concurrent federal lawsuit Slate v. ABC News where Slate was found guilty of perjury and witness intimidation. Prosecutors received Slate’s perjured testimony but nevertheless continued advancing Slate’s legal claims which were fraudulent. Slate was lying about his employment.

Assistant Attorney General Sarah Connell helped Slate frame 3 innocent people.

Slate Used Prosecutors to Scrub All References to His Employment From The Internet

In defense of attorney Slate, Assistant Attorney General Sarah Connell (pictured above) told her superiors that the things being said about attorney Slate’s employment on this webpage were “Untrue.” Assistant attorney general Sarah Connell and her supervisor helped Slate conceal his employment. Afterward, they allowed attorney Slate to testify that he, “never worked for the Police Complaint Center.” Slate was testifying falsely and both prosecutors knew it. They had seen Slate’s 2005 testimony proclaiming himself the “Director of the Police Complaint Center” in a Huntington Beach, CA. Courtroom while under oath.

6 years before his 2011 testimony above attorney Slate testified that he was the Director of The Police Complaint Center. Prosecutors had copies of Slate’s previous testimony in their hands when they allowed Gregory Slate to testify falsely that “he never work for the police complaint center.”

Prosecutors filed criminal stalking charges against my wife in March 2012. The legal filing was fraudulent. At the time of their legal filing atorney Slate was serving time in the D.C. Metropolitan jail for stalking a waitress. Slate had been in jail for three months when the prosecutors fabricated a criminal charge on his behalf reporting to the court that Slate was being stalked.

Prosecutors said that the document above violated the D.C. Stalking Statute. They told the court that attorney Slate was a stalking victim. The prosecutors helped Slate obtain court orders he later used to destroy evidence against him in Slate vs. ABC News Corp.

Emails demonstrated that the prosecutors knowingly assisted attorney Gregory Slate, as he perpetrated frauds against the federal and local court systems. The prosecutors had their client’s prior testimony which contradicted the testimony he supplied in court in their presence. Prosecutors had his criminal record which included dozens of arrests for criminal stalking meth sells, arson and other crimes. While under their representation attorney Slate was accused of filming a minor child with hidden cameras. The girl’s mother was renting from attorney Slate when she found the cameras. Prosecutors knew about the report before agreeing to represent Slate as a domestic violence victim.

Prosecutors supporting Slate were aware that he had over 76 criminal and civil cases when they took his case as a stalking victim.

Attorney Slate was exposed as a fraud when Judge Beryl Howell determined that attorney Slate, then a UDC law student, was routinely submitting evidence forgeries. Judge Howell found in favor of the defendant ABC News corporation. Attorney Slate’s younger brother Jonathan Johnson was held in contempt by a different federal judge when he and attorney Slate were caught swapping identities. Slate used his younger brother’s University of Maryland student email account in the fraud.

ABC News Defense Attorney’s Legal Filing in the possession of prosecutors Sarah Connell and Janese Bechtol before they appeared in court with their client attorney Gregory Slate.

November 2014, in a deceptive effort to “slip through” the Maryland bar admission process, attorney Slate withheld Judge Howell’s opinions from his Maryland bar admission application. Attorney Slate also failed to disclose the full extent of his drug use, and his role working as a police informant for the PG County Drug Task Force and the D.C. police department.

The Maryland Court of Appeals permanently stripped attorney Slate of his license to practice law on March 2, 2018 based on Slate’s conduct, and the content of this webpage.

“I am a different person now” Attorney Gregory Slate looking for a reaction from the Appeals Court to a false statement he just made about the circumstances leading to his disbarment. Attorney Slate testified that University of Baltimore law school administrators failed to properly advise him on how to complete his bar admission application. Superior Court judge Hong found that attorney Slate’s assertions about the law school’s administrators were not true and had no bearing on his concealment of his criminal record for stalking and courtroom misconduct. Bar Complaint 2015-2664

Witness Intimidation

In 2011, while perpetrating a fraud on a federal court, attorney Gregory Slate integrated the DC Atty. Gen.’s office, the DC Metropolitan Police Department, the US Attorney’s Office and the DC Superior Court, as instruments into the fraud case 1:09-cv-01761-BAR-DAR (see arrest reports).  Attorney Slate was found guilty of perjury, fraud, witness intimidation, and manufacturing evidence through computer fraud and forgery by Judge Beryl Howell. Attorney Slate’s deliberate intention to deceive the court and to frame opposing witnesses, combined with his computer hacking skills, and his unique ability to weave law enforcement agencies and the courts into his litigation misconduct, makes him the most dangerous lawyer in America.

Attorney Slate is part of a group of hackers who use the Internet to terrorize their victims (Slate’s legal opponents) through computer hacking, identity theft and the destruction of personal files. Attorney Slate and his associates on the “Dark Web” have broken into hospital record databases, banks, dozens of personal computers and court record databases to alter court files.

Attorney Gregory Slate after his arrest in Madison County Florida for resisting arrest.

Attorney Slate has been diagnosed by a psychiatrist with uncontrollable rage and anger management issues. Attorney Slate has been receiving mental health treatments bi-monthly since 2009. Yet weekly treatment by a psychiatrist did not stop any of the criminal and unethical courtroom activities leading to Attorney Slate’s disbarment. 

Attorney Slate was arrested on a felony criminal stalking warrant three years after a “favorable prognosis.” Attorney Slate went on stalking and harassing witnesses until he was found guilty of perjury, fraud and witness intimidation in 2013. He is being disbarred in 2018. There is a pattern demonstrating that attorney Slate is a dangerous, predatory sociopath with a severe character flaw that is resistant to treatment or modification. Attorney Slate has not changed and he cannot be reformed.

Mail Fraud

Attorney Slate’s most frequent stalking victim is his father Clinton Slate. Early in 2005, attorney Slate mailed malicious fliers into his father’s neighborhood reporting that his father and stepmother we’re running a brothel. Slate was in a legal dispute with his father over support payments. Attorney Slate stalked his father and his father’s attorney Jacqueline Biddle for 10 years.

What Slate’s father told me in 2007 confirmed my suspicions about Slate

An elderly woman called our office reporting that Gregory Slate had stolen $7500 from her bank account on a fraud. The client turned out to be one of more than a dozen people defrauded by Slate.

LaDonja Hargrove is a state employee of the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles. Attorney Gregory Slate began stalking her after she reported a complaint of rat infestation in one of Slate’s buildings. Slate has been stalking her since 2007. Hargrove reported that Slate installed hidden cameras in her minor daughter’s bathroom.

Jonathan Herz a federal employee describes how Attorney Gregory Slate was stalking him relentlessly after his niece rented a room from Slate. Herz Reported unwanted food deliveries and telephone harassment by attorney Slate.

2005 arson fire

Attorney Slate is not only a technology threat to the members of the court of appeals, but his mental instability makes him a real physical threat. Attorney Slate is responsible for a 2005 arson vehicle fire in Charlotte North Carolina. Slate set the fire with two Marines at the home of his friend Joshua Richter. Slate agreed to torch the car as an insurance fraud. When his friend collected payment attorney Slate received “a cut.” The arson fire was never solved because attorney Slate destroyed evidence on my computer proving his involvement.

The only thing that will stop attorney Slate, is the exposure he will face, when he is again arrested for Internet crimes and stalking. Any law-enforcement officer investigating computer crimes originating out of the Baltimore or DC area should consider Slate a viable suspect. His crimes have become more serious as he has embraced and dedicated himself to Internet crimes and criminals he has befriended on the dark web.

Hard drive seizure necessary

Attorney Slate’s criminal activities will be found on the hard drive of his MacBook computer and on IP addresses emanating from his Comcast account at 1832 West Fayette St., Baltimore, MD where he lives with his mother. There will also be evidence associated with IP addresses from remote locations where Slate has used the Wi-Fi accounts of his associates on the dark web. Any place where Slate has been allowed to use his computer more than once should have their Internet records subpoenaed and reviewed for unusual activity and crimes involving computer hacking.

Slate Video Oral Argument

False and Perjurious Testimony during a Maryland Court of Appeals Court Live Webcast

February 1, 2018, 10:00 A.M. the Maryland Court of Appeals heard oral arguments in disbarment proceedings against attorney Gregory Slate. Slate told the judges that he has learned from his mistakes and that he is no longer engaged in crimes and courtroom misconduct.

At 2:13, referring to his prior courtroom conduct resulting in a perjury and witness intimidation finding against him Attorney Slate said this: “But what I would like for you to consider about those opinions, is that, I am a very different person today, than I was when those allegations were made.” Attorney Slate told the court that after Judge Beryl Howell found him guilty of perjury, fraud, and witness intimidation, he resolved to never place himself in a position where he could be accused of misconduct again in the future. Attorney Slate was lying to the Maryland Court of Appeals.

The federal judge’s findings against Slate, in her 2013 Slate versus ABC News corporation ruling, were not allegations. Slate was caught committing perjury and fraud after he lied about his ownership of video filmed by a nonprofit organization he worked for. Attorney Slate repeatedly denied working for the Police Complaint Center even though he was on video tape repeatedly giving interviews as the “Director of the Police Complaint Center.” Bank records, emails, recordings and phone records proved that attorney Slate was committing perjury in front of Judge Beryl Howell.

Howell is one of the most respected judges in the country. Attorney Slate was found guilty of witness intimidation for framing opposing ABC News defense witnesses prior to their testimony. He was found guilty of manufacturing evidence for using University of the District of Columbia law school computers to create document forgeries he later introduced in court and by fabricating a letter certifying that he was an Emmy award winning journalist. According to Judge Howell the letter was “a backdated forgery.”

Slate has been the subject of dozens of police reports, and a permanent restraining order in the years after his epiphany. He has continued submitting forged evidence in court. Similar to his conduct in the ABC News litigation, attorney Slate submitted audio recording forgeries in a Leon county courtroom in 2017.

Attorney Gregory Slate is currently stalking more than a dozen people. He has not abandoned crime, he has embraced it. He is one of the most dangerous actors on the dark web. Attorney Slate was committing Internet crimes against his legal opponents long before his license to practice law was in jeopardy. Slate is addicted to stalking his legal opponents. Random disputes in court and on the streets of DC and Baltimore give attorney Slate an excuse to act on his impulses involving aggression and stalking.

As of March 2018, attorney Gregory Slate will never walk the halls of justice again as a lawyer licensed to practice law. It was my most important investigation.

Sgt. Don Jackson a.k.a. “Diop Kamau.”-Retired CA. police detective.

Diop Kamau and Tyra Ferrell

Booking photo Charlotte N.C. Police-Boo Johnson attorney Slate’s mother

Attorney Slate is often assisted in his frauds by his parents Geoffrey and Theresa Boo Johnson. Boo and Geoffrey have extensive criminal records. Attorney Slate’s parents cover for his crimes and legal misconduct by providing document forgeries and alibis.

Attorney Slate being arrested in 2004, Broward County, FL 

Attorney Slate posing for a photo with Rev. Al Sharpton. Like my wife and I, Sharpton did not know that Slate was a celebrity stalker.

When I knew him, attorney Gregory Slate was a chubby kid with a bright future. But Slate turned into a malignant predatory sociopath and serial stalker destined for prison. Because Slate once worked for me, it was my job to stop his continuing courtroom frauds and brazen attacks on innocent people.

I spent seven years investigating attorney Gregory Slate by chronicling his various frauds and stalking activities. Attorney Slate is no longer an unknown. Attorney Slate has lost his law license because of my investigation of his crimes and my Internet posts. I am certain I have spared the public the enormous harm he would have caused as a practicing lawyer.

The content of this page is a small portion of the evidence proving Slate’s courtroom crimes and stalking. I collected much of the evidence while proving my own innocence and the innocence of three other people who were framed by Slate in 2010. The DC Office of Bar Counsel was told that Gregory Slate was framing people in 2011. They ignored the reports and took no action because two prosecutors vouched for Slate’s integrity.

Prosecutors Sarah Connell and Janese Bechtol helped Slate frame innocent people

Attorney Gregory Slate is disbarred, but the 2 lawyers who helped him, Assistant Attorney General Sarah Connell, and Assistant Attorney General Janese Bechtol have never been punished nor held accountable. They are protected by a system that fails to properly regulate lawyers. The items posted on this blog include court records, police reports and trial transcripts proving misconduct by two prosecutors who assisted attorney Gregory Slate in a fraud directed against a federal court.

Attorney Slate duped the prosecutors into assisting him in a fraudulent federal lawsuit he filed in 2009. The prosecutors took Slate’s word that he was an Emmy award winning “freelance journalist” and stalking victim. The people Slate claimed were stalking him were actually witnesses preparing to testify against him in federal court. Attorney Slate used the prosecutors to harass the witnesses testifying for ABC News against him. Slate also harassed the ABC lawyers by among other things delivering a box of human feces to their office in person. The judge was not amused by Slate‘s antics. Slate was found guilty of perjury, witness intimidation, and fraud. His case was dismissed with prejudice, but the prosecutors walked away unscathed by claiming ignorance of Slate’s motives.

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How attorney Slate framed 5 people and got an innocent woman killed

Between 2009 and 2014 attorney Gregory Slate framed 5 people. According to court records and police reports he was also stalking more than 13 people simultaneously in the District of Columbia and Baltimore. At least 4 of Slate’s stalking targets were other lawyers. As of July 2011, the DC Office of bar counsel was aware of Attorney Slate’s activities in the courts but ignored Attorney Slate’s misconduct due to an improper deference to prosecutors and a failure of leadership at the highest levels of the DC Bar Counsel, Executive Attorney’s office and the D.C. Board on Professional Responsibility. When the bar counsel failed to properly investigate misconduct by lawyers helping attorney Slate a complaint was made to the DC police department. Chief Cathy Lanier opened an investigation based on a telephone call to the Metropolitan police department computer crimes and fraud unit.

Stalking Opposing Counsel

January 2008, attorney Charles McMurry reported to the Tallahassee Police Department that attorney Slate turned off his utilities through identity theft and redirected his home telephone to a pornography website. January 2010, Attorney Slate delivered human or animal feces to opposing counsel in a lawsuit he was litigating against ABC news. The delivery by attorney Slate and the package contents are described in an affidavit to judge Beryl Howell by ABC defense counsel.

nathan-siegel-declarationMay of 2011, Attorney Lauren Geisser filed for a restraining order against attorney Slate reporting to the court that attorney Slate obtained her home address and Facebook account. Attorney Slate terrorized her for months. Attorney Slate ignored her demand not to contact her. Attorney Slate repeatedly sent her “friend requests/invites” through Facebook. She also accused attorney Slate of attempting to lure her to “creepy locations” that included a barren parking lot by telling her to meet him there in person, “with his clients” to receive documents. Attorney Slate’s emails make clear that it was his intention to frighten her.

Slate was not a lawyer at the time. Slate’s “clients” were his parents Geoffrey and Theresa Johnson (booking photos below) who shared a home owned by Slate. Geisser was litigating a foreclosure on the property.

Attorney Geisser and other victims were being stalked by attorney Slate while he was being represented by the DC Atty. Gen.’s domestic violence unit. While attorney Slate appeared in line with other women at the Atty. Gen.’s domestic violence office he was stalking more than a dozen people. His lawyers in the domestic violence unit had copies of the police reports and court records about attorney Slate’s stalking of Geisser and other victims in the District of Columbia and Baltimore.


Former D.C. Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan

Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan was made personally aware of attorney Slate’s crimes. The attorney General allowed his staff to continue advocating for attorney Slate as a domestic violence victim while attorney Slate went on a crime spree across the District of Columbia detailed in this report.

A college student described the January 5, 2012, raid on her home that she shared with other students by federal police looking for attorney Slate. The student reported that the federal police put a gun to her roommate’s head and placed a computer on the desk with attorney Slate’s photograph before they searched the residence. Attorney Slate was wanted on a felony stalking warrant. He was found hiding upstairs by federal police officers. He had been hiding in the building upstairs for months according to the students who were unaware of his presence in the building until the police raid.

Attorney Slate was managing the building as a landlord though he was not licensed by the District of Columbia as required. He was arrested and held for five months in the DC Metropolitan jail on a felony no-bail stalking warrant, and a probation revocation for a felony hit and run conviction in Virginia.

Attorney Slate was arrested multiple times under attorney general Nathan’s watch. While he was in jail, the chief of the domestic violence unit filed court documents reporting that attorney Slate was being stalked. Slate’s attorneys did not know that he was a prisoner when they made up the charge. His lawyers were abusing their powers as prosecutors due to a faliure of oversight in the DC Courts. The allocation of resources by the Atty. Gen.’s domestic violence unit to Slate, contributed to the death of an innocent mother of four. She was turned away because there were no domestic violence lawyers available. The two best trained lawyers in the DC Atty. Gen.’s domestic violence unit were representing attorney Gregory Slate.

Judge Stuart Nash denied Alecia Wheeler’s request for a permanent restraining order against her husband. Approximately one month later, Alecia Wheeler was stabbed to death by her husband in front of her four children September 12, 2011.

On October 14, 2011, one month after Alecia Wheeler was murdered, the chief of the Attorney General’s domestic violence unit, Janese Bechtol and assistant attorney general Sarah Connell appeared in court with attorney Slate. Bechtol allowed Slate to testify falsely that he never worked for my business, that he was employed as a landlord, and that he “only knew my wife in passing.” Bechtol knew that the testimony was false. She did not inform the court about the false statements or correct the record as required. Bechtol ignored an admonishment from the judge that allowing Slate to testify falsely was “misconduct.”

“It’s unethical  for them to elicit testimony that they believe to be perjury.” 

Judge Stuart Nash, October 14, 2011


Instead, she asked that Slate be allowed to skip future hearings. Bechtol had all of attorney Slate’s employment records in her hand when she allowed attorney Slate to testify that he “never worked for the Police Complaint Center.”

Perjury and false statements allowed by Slate’s lawyers about his employment

ABC defense counsel describes Slate’s lies about his employment in a letter he forged and filed in federal court.


Why attorney Slate was fired from the Police Complaint Center in 2007

Gregory Slate was fired from the Police Complaint Center in 2007 after fabricating a news report. Slate claimed that a police officer engage in sexual misconduct on duty. The story was false. In a series of recorded telephone calls Slate repeatedly denied the falsity of the story. He was terminated after a review of his email accounts revealed that he was not only lying on a police officer, but, he was engaged in other serious misconduct including stalking, identity theft, and arson. A search of Slate’s company emails also revealed that he was downloading pornography on Police Complaint Center company computers using his membership in two online sex clubs.

Attorney Slate has filed more than a dozen false reports against police officers alleging assault. 2012, Attorney Slate filed a lawsuit against D.C. Metropolitan police claiming he was raped by a correctional officer named Izuhu. The case was dismissed with prejudice.

Bar counsel complaint against attorney Gregory Slate through the Maryland office of Bar Counsel.

The records on this site are from court files, police reports and letters of complaint to numerous public agencies about attorney Gregory Slate’s conduct in the courts. The DC Bar Counsel was the first oversight body to be made aware of Slate’s misconduct in the courts. The DC Bar Counsel took no action and protected prosecutors who knowingly assisted attorney Slate as he committed crimes against the federal courts and the superior court systems of Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Attorney Slate’s activities while under the representation of the attorney general’s domestic violence unit are described in his probation report.


Witness Intimidation by Attorney Slate and Rogue Prosecutors

In 2009, Just before my testimony against attorney Slate in federal court, attorney Slate obtained a warrant for my arrest through fraud. Attorney Slate fabricated a story that I sent him a threatening email. The email was sent from the same account Slate was hacking into according to a Leon County Sheriff cyber crimes investigation. Attorney Slate sent the email to himself to generate evidence. Slate falsely told the DC Superior Court and the DC Police Department that he received a threatening email intended to stop his testimony before an important hearing. The story was a lie. There was no hearing scheduled.

Next, Attorney Slate attempted to draw the US attorney’s office into the fraud against ABC by having the US attorney stipulate a plea agreement that would force a private investigator to admit that he assaulted attorney Slate on behalf of ABC news and that he yelled “Drop that fucking lawsuit against ABC news.”


Email from attorney Slate sent to the US Attorney

Attorney Slate filed misconduct motions against ABC defense counsel for the phony assault. After a DC Superior Court judge denied his contempt motion against me based on the fabricated assault attorney Slate ignored the judge’s ruling against him. He went directly to the DC Police Department and found an officer willing to obtain a warrant for my arrest based only on attorney Slate’s word.

If Dc Detective Jose Morales had bothered to run a background check, he would have learned that attorney Slate was on probation for a felony hit and run accident, and multiple DUI’s with 6 arrest for resisting arrest, and more than 13 allegations of criminal stalking.

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Attorney Slate then leaked the ABC attorney/assault story to a NY tabloid magazine to corroborate the fabricated assault.

After the story was published attorney Slate attempted to use the story, and the evidence he was generating around it, in the federal lawsuit against ABC news. His actions were similar to a prior evidence manufacturing attempt by attorney Slate to generate licensing material in the ABC lawsuit.

Attorney Slate and his younger brother Jonathan Johnson used University of the District of Columbia and University of Maryland law school computers to send and receive emails that attorney Slate later introduced in the ABC lawsuit as evidence. Attorney Slate and his younger brother Jonathan Johnson were caught swapping identities and creating a fake email record by judge Beryl Howell.

Next, attorney Slate attempted to parlay the fake assault story that Assistant Attorney General Sarah Connell and Janese Bechtol would later advance for him, into an insurance fraud.

Attorney Slate and his mother filed an insurance claim against the state of Indiana alleging that Slate’s mother had been assaulted by the same private investigator sent to assault attorney Slate by ABC news. In the bogus insurance claim Johnson uses attorney Slate’s address and e-mail for a reply. The insurance company was instructed to reply to legal@GregSlate.com. Attorney Slate was a law student and not certified to practice law at the time. The insurance claim was rejected by the state of Indiana.

From: Theresa Johnson [mailto:theresalcjohnson@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, November 09, 2010 4:17 PM
To: Direct Connect
Cc: legal@gregslate.com

Subject: claim

This is to report a claim against Greg Miller, Citizen’s Investigative Service (CIS), Indiana Professional Licensing Agency and State of Indiana(the “insured”) through policy number NSA1314152 for damages resulting from assault, battery, trespass, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, false imprisonment, defamation, invasion of privacy, breach of confidence, tortious interference, conspiracy, and other acts and/or omissions on and around October 1, 2010 by the insured resulting in damages.


Theresa Johnson

PO Box 21020
Washington, DC 20009
Fax: (917) 591-6266

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Slate’s lawyer knew that the story was false and that the insurance claim was fraudulent because she subpoenaed the 911 telephone call from Slate’s mother to the Baltimore Police Department.

Atty. Slate is often assisted in his crimes and courtroom misconduct by his mother Theresa Johnson.

After making this recorded 911 telephone call Slate’s mother Theresa Johnson and her son filed an insurance claim against the state of Indiana reporting that Johnson was assaulted. As the call demonstrates Johnson never came in contact with the investigator she accused of criminal assault. Attorney Slate and his mother were executing an elaborate insurance fraud. The prosecutors in the Atty. Gen.’s domestic violence unit were duped into being used as pawns to advance the scheme.

This was attorney Slate’s 2nd attempt to frame the ABC lawyers on a fraudulent claim of assault. In May of 2011, while under assistant attorney generals Sarah Connell and Bechtol’s legal representation. Attorney Slate fabricated an assault claim against ABC news. Attorney Slate reported to the court that attorneys representing ABC news assaulted him during a deposition by grabbing a piece of paper. Below is attorney Slate’s email describing the assault to the ABC attorney accused of hurting him.


Attorney Slate was attempting to prevent my testimony by using the ‘attorney general’s domestic violence unit, the courts and federal law enforcement agencies as instruments in a fraud against a federal court.


Connell and Bechtol’s decision to assist Slate had consequences. Their representation of Slate directly jeopardized the ABC litigation and made my family vulnerable to cyber attacks and stalking by attorney Slate.

Slate told the court that a contract with the Police Complaint Center never existed. Attorney Slate requested that the federal court hold ABC attorneys in contempt for bad faith conduct for misleading the court about the existence of evidence.

The contract between Attorney Slate and the Police Complaint Center is referenced in a letter written by my attorney Charles McMurry. Attorney McMurry’s letter to Mr. Slate regarding the Police Complaint Center was reviewed by Assistant Attorney General Sarah Connell before taking Slate’s case.

In the letter, Attorney McMurry describes what he reported to the Tallahassee Police Department and the Leon County Sheriff’s office in 2008. He said that attorney Gregory Slate redirected his telephones to a pornography website and turned off his utilities through identity theft. His allegation matched testimonials by other stalking victims of Slate reviewed by Assistant Attorney General Sarah Connell.

I obtained a permanent restraining order against attorney Slate in 2014, after the Leon County Sheriff’s Office cyber-crimes unit traced a computer hacking incident to attorney Slate’s girlfriend’s home through a subpoena. Attorney Slate sent an extortion email during a cyber attack on my business Policeabuse.com. Attorney Slate created a fake email account at a local cyber café in the District of Columbia and sent an email seeking payment for information about himself and the cyber attacks he was perpetrating against my business.

aceaa-extortion2bemailThe crimes and courtroom misconduct described in this report were known to Slate’s attorney assistant attorney general Sarah Connell. Assistant attorney general Connell wrote that Slate was a stalking victim after she reviewed the evidence on this page including court records describing Slate’s frauds, courtroom misconduct and his stalking of private citizens contained in the video testimonials below.

This was not a normal prosecution based on facts or evidence. It was a case the prosecutors wanted. At a preliminary court hearing a prosecutor asked my wife to sign autographs through her attorney. Though they knew Slate was committing perjury, prosecutors helped Slate conceal his crimes and evade detection by law enforcement. A misconduct complaint regarding Bar Counsel Wallace Shipp was reported to the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.

D.C. Police Affiliation by Prosecutors Possible motive

I have been an investigative journalist for 25 years. I publish police abuse investigations and reports on PoliceAbuse.com. I am often accompanied by news crews during my investigations. In 2007, attorney Slate contacted the DC ABC News affiliate to pitch an investigation of the DC police department by my website. Slate was working for my business.

Shortly after my investigation of D.C. Met. PD was made public online, prosecutor Sarah Connell began filing criminal charges for Attorney Slate against my wife for stalking attorney Slate. We live 6 states away and Connell knew I was a key witness against Slate. Janese Bechtol Connell’s boss filed new stalking charges while Slate was confined in the D.C. jail. Bechtol made the allegations up. She withdrew the charges 10 days later when she could not locate Slate who was entering his 3rd month in jail on a felony stalking warrant. Bechtol was retaliating over our complaints about her legal representation of Slate.

Connell’s affiliation with the D.C. police department may explain her interest in maliciously prosecuting my wife for Slate. Assistant A.G. Sarah Connell is married to D.C. police officer Michael Jewell. Assistant Attorney Gen. Connell did not disclose the conflict of interest to the Court. She was removed from attorney Slate’s legal representation after I complained to the D.C. Inspector General. Despite her removal from the case, A.G. Sarah Connell continued to appear in court, sitting directly behind Slate, as a show of support in the public seating sector. Connell had seen Slate’s emails to ABC as the Director of the Police Complaint Center before taking his case.

Ongoing Stalking-How attorney Slate Hacks his legal opponents

Attorney Slate continues to stalk my family 10 years after being fired from my business. His attacks come through hacking and cyber attacks on my business website. But I’m not the only victim. Mostly at night, between the hours of midnight and 6 AM Slate stalks his targets ranging from legal opponents to unwitting private citizens online. Using the tools of the dark web, attorney Slate spends his evenings entering the homes of his victims through their computers and personal devices. Slate gets on their devices by hijacking their WiFi and through phishing emails. Once in their devices Attorney Slate reads their personal email, watches them through their cameras, and decides what they can and cannot do on the Internet by controlling their keyboard and app functions.

Attorney Slate thrives on electronic vandalism. Using the dark web, attorney Slate has the ability to take over and close personal computer accounts, access personal email files and delete storage records from remote locations. Attorney Slate uses the TOR system to mask his identity while engaging in computer crimes. Attorney Slate can hack into any hosting provider or Internet service provider including most of the major companies like Comcast/Xfinity, Century link, and others. Atty. Slate has followed me from more than six telephone companies including ATT, Sprint to obtain my personal information and continue stalking me. After breaking into a hospital data center Slate bombarded my business fax machine with the stolen gynecological records of 3000 female patients.

Attorney Slate comes alive through his stalking. He is addicted to it and he follows his targets regardless of what they may do to deter him. Attorney Slate has no fear of law enforcement. For example Slate often bragged about defecating on a police officer’s pizza prior to its delivery at the officer’s home. I verified the story. Slate was retaliating over his arrest years earlier by the same Pineville, NC. officer.

Attorney Slate has graduated to more serious crimes. He is part of a network of hackers in the DC Baltimore area targeting businesses and personal/legal opponents of Slate. If you believe you have been targeted as described above. Contact your local police departments cyber-crimes unit and file a report. If you have had any of the following issues on your accounts, you are likely being targeted:

Takeover of your device keyboard or camera

Malware injections into your pc/iPad phone or website

Disappearing text messages

Sudden unexpected lock out from your personal accounts

Other Symptoms Include

Unauthorized password changes
Deleted or missing files
Alterations or deletions to your website or Facebook account
Strange interference with your attempts to access online content
Repeated redirection to pages you are not attempting to visit (attorney Slate often redirects his victims to pornography websites)
Alterations in legal pleadings submitted to the court
Use of your credit card by unauthorized parties in another city to purchase food or other services without your permission
Telemarketing harassment using automated online telemarketing calls. (Slate moonlights as a telemarketer. He is familiar with all telemarketing companies.)
Harassing junk and pornographic emails resistant to filters and blocking
Unwanted food deliveries

Telemarketing numbers managed by Attorney Slate to harass victims he is stalking. Attorney Slate also uses the numbers to target family members of his victims.

IP addresses used by Attorney Slate to Hack your electronic devices

Attorney Slate hacks in through your Wi-Fi

In most instances, attorney Gregory Slate hacks into your computer by logging in to your Wi-Fi through your router. It’s called a “man in the middle attack.“Attorney Slate hacks into your Wi-Fi and waits for you to type in a password which he steals. If you are not using VPN or an encrypted SSL website, Slate will surely get your information. If attorney Slate gets your credit card information you will soon see purchases being made across the country. Slate has used our credit cards more than a dozen times to make purchases. He is part of a network of hackers engaged in financially centered computer crimes and thefts online.

How does he do it? There are three ways that attorney Slate breaks into the computer servers laptops and personal devices of his opponents and enemies.

SQL database hack

Attorney Slate obtains the IP address of a target business website database and sets in motion a hacking tool called Brute Force. Brute force breaks passwords and in most cases gives Slate everything he needs to break into a business database. Once inside, Slate steals user personal information, deletes records and may infect the database with malware. Slate has broken into the Maryland court record database, and several major private business websites.

Browser hack

Slate will hack into your web browser by targeting the IP address of your internet connection and use the browser as an entry point into your computer. Once inside, Slate can gain access to passwords or prevent you from visiting webpages, clicking links or entering information to your accounts. After breaking in Slate and his compatriots on the dark web will steal your personal information and passwords to break into other accounts. The most vulnerable web browser is Firefox, Closely followed by Safari. Slate and his associates on the dark web have mastered cracking all of the open source code Firefox is built on. They have also proven to be able to break into Safari consistently despite Apple’s proprietary control over their apps and content. Slate and his associates use Macbook computers for their crimes. Slate’s Mac helps conceal his online crimes.

Through the web browser Slate and his associates can mirror your website browsing and operate tabs in the background that you have already opened. If you log into your banking account Slate will open a new tab or window and began altering your account. Slate may even change your password while you are in your account so that he can login after you sign out.

Router hack

If you have default settings or if you have never changed your password, attorney Slate will to get into your computer and stay there. Slate purchases user information from Comcast and other Internet service providers through unscrupulous communications employees on the dark web. No matter where you are if he has your name, address or other identifying information he can buy your user password ID, and Mac ID information necessary to break in to your Wi-Fi account. Once in your account, Slate will gather other personal information so that he can stay there and follow you. Recommendation: Change your passwords. It is also important that you purchase an external router. Hire a computer technician who is familiar with the instructions above.

Other Suggestions to protect yourself:
Cover all cameras on your devices (especially women). Slate has filmed female tenants with hidden cameras
Use double verification on all your Internet accounts
Change all of your passwords
If necessary back up and wipe your devices of all data
Use virus and malware scan software
Use screenshots and screen recording software to document the attacks. Store the recorded attacks off-line or Slate will delete them as he did in our case multiple times
Turn your Internet off when you are not using it and do not leave your devices connected to the Internet without someone actively watching the screen
If you know Slate and he visits your home keep him off of your wi-fi. Slate’s Girlfriend Sara Barger did not follow this rule. The police obtained search warrants on her internet accounts because Attorney Slate used her wi-fi to commit internet crimes.